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BAK system – is complex program solutions, which make staff`s work easier and simple. The combined system helps to attract new customers and make restaurants business transparent.

Automate your restaurant How does it work
For owners

Full optioned economic online analysis

Video surveillance 24/7

Clients feedback, concerning meals and service

POS solutions (54 – FL)

BAK Store — personal assistant and financial analyst
7,5% Relevant increase of customer`s average check up to 7,5% after BAK system installation
For waiters and cashiers
There is no need for waiters to accept orders by writing them in their notebooks, neither to form an order in POS system. From now all their orders will be sent directly to BAK POS and then to the kitchen.
BAK Clerk
  • Full vision of present meals and dishes
  • The ability of joining and moving tables
BAK POS — POS system for restaurants/cafes
  • Accepting an order
  • All received orders are sent to BAK Admin immediately
The ability to leave notes for chef, such as «No onions»
BAK Clerk
Full vision of able dishes.Waiters will be always informed about spacial offers updates. The ability of moving and transforming tables .
BAK POS — POS system for restaurants/cafes
Allows to make an order. Provides with all information about clients. You can easily install it on terminal or android tablet. All data from POS is directly sent to BAK Admin.
The ability to leave notes for chef, such as «No onions»
For administrators
BAK Admin – your personal account in BAK POS system, which allows:
  • To manage and drive restaurant
  • Add new dishes to restaurant menu
  • Forming special offers in different places at the same time

Sales follow-up of each chain

Account and taxes management

Sales channels control

Revealing popular and unpopular dishes

For guests
BAK Tab – Tablet menu for visitors, which allows guests to make an order by themselves.
Eliot – new generation system, which allows to interact restaurants and cafés with their guests. The new clients service based on innovative IOT technologies (Internet of things).
— Good morning, John! Get your favorite desserts 20-40% OFF with this voucher.

Eliot app helps to find the nearby cafes/restaurants, reserve tables, make a pre-order and prepay directly from the app.

Individual offers for customers based on their preferences.

Restaurants increase their sales approximately up to 40% due to new customers.

— Good morning, John! Get your favorite desserts 20-40% OFF with this voucher.

Technical support via Email and telephone

Personal account for position management

Easy restaurant management on your mobile

Accepting new orders with Eliot

Connecting to Eliot

Your restaurant gets connected to Eliot system for free, after what you receive new orders, that provide our company with 10% of each order

Connecting to Eliot
Questions and answers
About BAK International
BAK International — a cloud automation system for restaurants, cafes, bars and other dinning public places (pizzerias, hookah cafes, coffee shops, etc.), with an independent back-office and terminal at different points of sale.
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About BAK Store
A restaurant mobile application, which allows to manage a restaurant including security (video surveillance 24/7) and full analysis of restaurant/café`s economic activity.
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An application for stationary POS terminal, which allows receiving orders, viewing information considering restaurant/cafes`s business management.
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